Irrigation / Sprinkler System Winterization

It is FALL and time to winterize your system!

Each fall, irrigation systems need a “blow out” in order to protect the system and minimize the risk of freeze damage.

Even if you have turned off the system, there is remaining water that can freeze, expand, and crack the piping.

Freezing water in your system’s backflow assembly could damage the internal components and could possibly crack.

Protect and maintain your irrigation system, by setting up an appointment for us to come and “winterize” by performing a blowout of the lines.

Irrigation / Sprinkler System Winterization Services

Thank you for allowing Walsh and Company to be your sprinkler and landscape services provider.

We are currently scheduling our 2023 sprinkler winterization services starting in October.

All services will be invoiced as completed. Please fill out your contact information on the form below to ensure the completion of services.

Includes: turning off the water at the main control valve, open bleeder valves on backflow device, manually drain water from the system, blow compressed air through the system ensuring all water has been purged out.

*– Prices start at $115.00 + tax for up to (6) irrigation zones. Each additional zone is an additional $9.50 + tax

*– Quoted pricing is only available through November 30th, 2023. Any Winterization requested after November 30th will be subject to a service fee of $150 + tax

*– All Winterizations scheduled before November 30th are guaranteed to be completed by December 15th.

*Please fill out the form with selection and authorization

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